Sunday, August 07, 2005

somebody wake up n do something

This is somethng that happened this january when I was posted as an intern in the emergency deptt of my hospital.
This girl around 14-15 yrs of age came alon with a guy who was maybe arnd17-18. their clothin , general hygiene showd that they were most likely from the JJ clusters.
Now the girl had this 7 inch cut on het left forearm, pretty bad shape n she claimed that some 3rd guy by the name of x was responsible. And she wanted a police complaint against him. ( thisis one of the benefits of the em deptt, u can get a police constable come right there n take ur complaint).
One look at the nature of injury was enough to show that her wounds were self inflicted, the direction of the cut, the hesitation cuts around, etc, but she insisted on lodging a complaint against x while the guy with her went on pleading to her against it..badnaami hogi teri…he kept sayin.
Of course, u lean to tackle such cases n slowly her story came out. According to her, she ‘fell in love’ with this x n went to live with him for 6 months. Then a week ago, he threw her out. N that morning he had come to her place n beat her up. Those injuries dint show , so she carved out that beauty. ‘Mujhe badla lena hai usse’..she said..shanti ki tareh..I was about to call for the constable when the guy totally goes..plz don’t call the police..i ask why n he explains..that she’s carryin x’s baby!..

Just lovely! I try to reason it out with her, advice her on termination but she’s hell bent on being prerna or somebody frm some kasauti zindagi ki.
So we tie up her injuries n send her home , she agrees not to lodge a complaint after the guy with her agrees to beat x to pulp.

I am really amazed. See I for one don’t watch the saas bahu ka drama , so till that date their irritativevalue for me was limited to not being able to watch other stuff on tv in hostel. But this was takin things alil too far. These so called portrayals of traditional Indian values are actually leading people totally astray… according to them a bhartiya naari is one hwo wears a nine yard saari, lots of jeweelery n oodles of sinddor irrespective of the fact thatahes had arnd 10 affairs, been married 5 times, divorced 4 times, has 7 kids of whom 3 r illegitimate. ( I may be off the count, I never really watched any, but thisis the gist I guess). N yes the difference between the homemaker n the home breaker is in designer sindoor tht the vamp wears.

The incident I talk about is true. Even today I wonder how shes getting on. I wonder, did I fail in my duty as a doctor in not succeeding in showin her what was the best way out for her?.But aren’t there other people who are failin in their duty as they feed us this totally incomprehensible shit?


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