Friday, August 19, 2005


Tried some new T.V series in the last week n each one beatthe other at being pathetic.
The first one was "SCRUBS' a new show on star world about the life of 3 medical interns in a city hospital. Now it was supposed to be a comedy show but there was no humor in the ifrst show itself. I like shows about doctors. ER rocks. But this one was a big dissapointment. The main lead looks more emaciated than some of the patients n theres a nursing staff who behaves as if she owns the world. A big put down.
Then one day i ran into 'The Great Indian Laughter Show'. Now i watched it purely for academic purposes so that i could form a well informed opinion about it. Infact I had to go n put the remote a long distance off n after that it was a fight between my laziness n my intellectual sense. Laziness won. What I couldnt understand was what Sidhu n Shekhar Suman were laughing so hard about. It either had to be
a) they couldnt beleive they were being paid to just sit there n look like like 2 ppl havin LOT of fun.
b) they were practising laughin all the way to the bank.
c) they were tryin to down outthe contestants.
AND on top of that the name of the serial is a total misfit.
There is no GREATNESS in it.
I refuse to accept the makers claim that all INDIANS have such pathetic sense of humor.
There is absolutely nothing to LAUGH about. (Of course if u can ignore 2 guys literally DYIN out of laughing)
N it is a NO SHOW.
so it should more aptly be called
or maybe
just 'THE'
except that would be an insult to the most common word of english language.

The I got to catch "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES'. I must congratulate the Indian television makers for it seems that they have finally managed to ge tteh west to copy them. It seemed like an Indian sas bahu drama incarnated. Totally pathetic. how it manged the no.1 slot in US is a surprise. But considering that kusum, jassi , etal are no. 1 in India, one can only say the americans are no different. Hell! the whow even had a grown up sonny cryin in momma's lap. Please don watch it unless u r totallt , totally desperate. Or laura Bush. Wonder which of these housewives does she identify with?
POor George!


Blogger almost_useless said...

think if u dont like it, dont watch DH, its a cool show, with some babes, oooomph......

and the laughter challenge is all about a failed cricketer and a overrated TV shit head. It actually reflects indian telivision, but some times like today, it was cool, cant stand siddhu laughing though, my TV will crack :)

10:55 AM  
Blogger TheDoc said...

of course i dont like it n i wont watch it. i used my blog to express my opnion about it. so sorry if it clashes with urs.
n i think wats worse about the laughter show is the quality of participants...atleast the 4 i saw the other day...its downright insult to the intelligence...ofcourse one episode doesnt make me an xpert..n they might have good days too.

11:10 AM  

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