Tuesday, August 09, 2005

my family and other animals- the room

Have u ever seen that when somethings on your mind how the rest of the world also starts talkin abt the same things, there r reminders of it everywhere.
Now , take me, I was talking about cleaning my room yesterday. N today, my bro comes to my room n goes..

He: u knw wat chaos is?
Me: umm..ya..why?
He: If an alien were to come to this earth n have a doubt as to what chaos is, show him ur room, he wont question the meaning of the word again..

Very smart! My dad decides that vey moment o make his enetrance.He too has to talk about my room.

Pa: How do u mange to live in such a mess?
He: u heard about entropy?..when the entropy of a system is maximum , it becomes stable. Her room has reached that level.

Now my bro is one of those cleanliness junkies. Especially when he’s at home. At hostel he’s a mess. He never let me into his room at IIT but da had some horror stories to tell. N at his room at academy in masuri, u sorta had to hop around ..coz there was palce tp put only one foot down at a time, or u had to kinda hang on to the door..ot mebe get into the attatched loo..then u cd talk to him.

But anyways..at home he’s an abso freak. I don’t know why. I was pretty decent at hostel. But for the past few months since I have been home, I am bad. I have taken over his room. N even now if he comes to my room sometime..say in the morning. I ‘ll be sittin at the table studying. He’ll hang around n out of sheer compulsion, he’ll start don things like putting the pillows in their place, folding the covers, straightening the bedsheet. I hink he does it unconsciously. He doesn’t really know. If u were to tell him some day that he’s made the bed in my room many times , he’ll laugh in ur face. If u somehow get him to believe it, he’ll swoon. If I were to point it out to him one day, I am sure he’ll go to the extent of unmaking my bed the no. of times he’s made it! But for now, I m happy he does it.

So comin to present..I decdided to appeal to him. Now that’s one thing about my family these days. All 3 of them are abso free, so they fawn over me. They do my bidding. To the extent that my bro actually got me choc pastries against my dad’s wishes when I had a craving one day. So I asked my bro to clean the junk lyin on my bedstand. Now the civil servant that he is, he goes..the govt of India has stopped givin 100% help to anybody now. U have to do 5% n the govt does the rest.U clean ur table n I’ll clean this stand.

Now that’s another thing about my brother. He just LOVES clean tables. N he has to clean his himself. Now the stoy goes, thr was a new table for his room. My mom cleaned it. Then the servant did. Te normal dry cloth-wet cloth-dry cloth regime. nN wen he go to it, the first thing he says..gimme a cloth, I have to clean the table!

So I point out to him that I do clean it , it jus gets messed up again.
He: make diff rows for diff subjects..
Me: I have..look.

He gives it a doubtful look.

He: put larger books below and smaller on top.

I point out that I do that but somehow I end up reading the bigger ones more than smaller ones and cant push them back under again. He is patient. Says its possible. Just try it.He says. Now.

I do.

With disastrous results…
..of course.

He gets ready to leave. Remember. He says. A cluttered table means a cluttered mind.

N an empty one? I ask.

He gives me a dirty look and goes away.

I think I’ll die without cleaning my room.


Blogger ruchzzzzz said...

Utterly hilarious....especially about the "He" bit......it's interesting to know about Mr. He's "SAFAI ANDOLAN".......don't worry dear.....it's a temp phase...the crap bou'cleaning and awl wiil be awl over.....juss keep on messing thingz around..afterawl "It's pretty normal for things to get messy in life".....(wink wink)

3:38 AM  

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