Thursday, August 18, 2005

It Ain't Gravity, The Earth Sucks

ok..this is EXTREMELY funny n TOTAL nonsense. So please dont get logical about it. Now there are very few ppl who actually have the sense of humor n can truly make u laugh. N there r two kinds of ppl at that.
1. the ppl u laugh AT (e.g.: a guy called pornob mukherji)
2. the ppl u laugh with .
Now two of the most illustrious examples of the second kind i have seen (ok! ok! not seen , read) are P.G. Wodehouse n Scott Adams.
Both write about the working (ok wodehouse writes about the NON-working man) man ofhis age.
Now as it happeend I was reading Scott Adams afew days ago. In either "The Future Of Work' Or "Joy of Work' , he suddenly decides to go scientific.
The thing is he does not agree with the ocncept of gravity as we know it today.
So he comes up with his own..
According to him it cam eto him one night all fully formed.
he says:
I magine that u r the only person in existence , living on a big ball( ashouldnt be too difficult if u realise that U r ACTUALLY living on a big ball, rotating along with it n also goin around a big ball of fire at that the same time along with 8 other balls)
NOw u n this big ball double in size every moment n the increase is such that the relative size remains the same so that u never notice that u or the ball is increasing in size.
Now if u were to jump up, the big ball under u wd double in size n wd come to touch ur feet again, so without realising that it actually was an increase in size u'll feel that u cant keep ur feet off this ball.
So thats wat gravity is!
he even goes on to say that he got so excited aboutthis idea that he contacted some scientist friends of his onlyto discover that some scientist had actually had the same bright idea (duh?) and even gone ahead with some research.
wow! talk of smart ppl!


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