Sunday, August 07, 2005

AVI KBC-2 with POrnob MUkherji

OK..So we have KBC-2 showing on the telly now. So the junta is excited. So 70% junta has found an occupation for their wkend evenings. Rest 29.5% probably are not bothered about such stuff and the rest 0.5% are probably banging their heads on some wall.
It really is a sorry state of affair wen a guy like Siddhartha basu has to pull of shows like university challenge n go back to cheap drama li ke KBC , most probably due to lack of funds. It’s a shame that companies are ready to sponser shows that win u 2 crore bucks for ansering questions like ‘motichoor is a variety of which mithai’ and pure , classic quizzing finds no takers.
Now wat could be the reason that shows like KBC which hardly add to ur knowledge in any way end up bein more popular than shows that do.
3 reasons come to mind:
1. The AB factor
2. The fact that u can actually answer questions that are being asked on a tv quiz (sic!) show acts as an ego booster for most loosers who watch such shows.
3. Seein a common man like your own self win hugely , acts as a -2)d are also ordinary ppl. UC participants are just from ur ordinary colleges, ordinary kids, not those with 200+ iq, who chill like anybody else n who even flunk their exams at times. Mastermind amongst its winners has had a housewife.
Or maybe we need to put our ego aside and be ready to learn n not jus gloat over lil knowledge we have.
Or maybe we cd get SB (sidh bhaia ) to get AB (amit bhaia) to do UC.

Ok ..ok..the last thot is nauseating , so lets chuck it.

So since we cant have uc or mm back , I st and thot of making KBC interesting and I thot of one. Lets get pornob mukherjee to doit. So instead of KBC-2 we will have A very interesting KBC -2 ( AVIKBC-2)

Now the junta will have wat they want…I am sure they will be star struck at the loads of info dear pondy will have to offer. And pondy ofcourse will be in heaven with all the junta hanging on to his everyword.Suddenly uncle , aunty , chunnu , munnu n all n sundry who becum GIKIS wd be changed into GIDKATs (gosh I dint know about that)

Ok so now if ur one of the uninitiated and mange to get to so far as the tv round of the show, here are some tips:

1. Dress up really nice, for how knows that wat with pornob da’s cons the show might go on air in US, iraq , cuba n even moon.

2. Take along some old buddy of pornob’s ( thrs no dearth of them) as ur mama, chacha , dada, nana, wateva as ur rishtedaar in waiting.

3. DON”T laugh if he trips over his long kurta and falls while getting into his high chair (his bound to one day,,the law of averages spares none), u laugh all u want behind his back not at his face.

4. If any of the answers has the vaguest bong conn in the answer go for it. It may be the farthest thing from correct. With porno , u odnt have to be correct. So if its something like..’motichoor is a vriety of which mitahi” (sorry for the repetition but this ques really bored my soul)..n the options include rasgulla or sandesh..u DON’T say ladoo , u say rasgulla/sandesh.

5. Ok n thsis the best tip.for phone a friend take the no. of one of pornob’s boys. So u can spend 28 secs chattin with him n in the last 2 secs to ask him to say anything out of a,b,c,d he fancies. N without the slightest wavering give out that answer. Don’t worry. POrnob’s boys are never wrong!

AVIKBC-2 will def keep everyone on their toes. While the junta ogles at this new found wisdom dispenser n he baskes in his new found glory, the 0.5% of us can rest in peace.
Wat can we say..we r sooo jealous of dear pornob.

(dies laughing)


Blogger almost_useless said...

sahi hoga
book me a house seat for the show, and all the airspace for ads is mine, so the rest of u can go bye bye

1:11 PM  
Blogger silbil said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
i can never have enough of these posts on parnab's quizzing and theatrical skills...

12:28 AM  

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