Thursday, July 21, 2005

pottermania?..potty mania!

Got Harry Potter no. 6 finally on 19th of july, finished it in arnd 8 hrs on 21st july. and must i was a BIG dissapointment!. I had been waiting for this book ever since i finished with order of the phoenix , n i hd hoped that the 2 year wait would be worth it but it was not to be so.
reading this book, one alomost feels that JKR is just trying to increase the no. of pages. The way Dumbledore keeps taking happry into the pensive gets repitative and boring.It would have been much better had he jus told the memories to him or atleast done so on a couple of accasions for a change if nothing else.
There is also very limited action as compared to the previous book. mostof its just talk and the action that is there is not told as a story bythe author but recounted by the various charachters n it gets boring.
The rmantic angles get clearer and a wholel ot of time is devoted to them.
The areas that were earlier in the grey which wd always keep one wondering as to this or that have been clearly put on one for eg..its been made clear as to whose side snape is on, who does hermoine really like, can the dark lord be killed n if so how, what the prophecy was...etc etc.
out of 607 pages the book starts showing some life only around 640ish page n hardly lasts for arnd 30-40 pages. even the death of a very imp charchter hardly gets u feelin the way sirius' death in the last book did. i mean i almost cried at taht time and when i had finished that book i jus couldnt wait ofr the next one but this time feelings..
And probably the worst ...voldermort has sposedly kept his soul at diff places and all the piecs r sposed to be destroyed to kill him..gawd! reminded me of the stories read as a li lkid whr the evil monster wd keep his life in a parrot or a tree or some thin n then th eking would go n destroy it n all would live happily ever after..
Really wish it had been smthin better!!


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