Saturday, July 09, 2005

An ode to the blog

A major problem that one faces while blogging is the typos. by 'one' i mean atleast 'me'. i get carried away with no respect watsoever for the spellings. now i found somethin that pg wodehouse (read G-O-D) once wrote wen encountered with a similar prob though his was more to do with the printer's devil than his own hand. i liked it nonetheless, n here it is..
I m not a fussy man i said
I smile when u put 'rid' for 'red'
And 'bad' for 'bed' and 'hoad' for 'head'
and 'bolge' instead of 'bough'
when 'wone' appears in lieu of 'wine'
or if u alter 'cohn' to 'schine'
i never make a row.
i know how easy errors are
but this time u have gone too far
by printing 'not' when u knew what
i really wrote was 'now'
prepare i said to meet ur god
ar as u would say , your Goo or Bod
or possibly your Gow



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