Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just leave it to Him

Sometimes you just have to leave it to God.
Its amazing how many times in life u’ll keep getting stuff out of the blue and at others u’ll have to maaro the maxo fight n still end up with a zook.
How at times u keep running after things that are far off and fail to appreciate what you have.
How u keep expecting certain people to never let you down and end up letting dow people who care more about you.
How u r so desperate seeking help that u don’t see the hands outstretched for ur help.
If we did realise this we may find that people we need are actually not the ones so fa off that u cant get to them but people right beside us ..those who need us too.
Just leave it to God. There will be days when u’ll have nobody to turn to. Nobody who cared. Nobody would bother.
As it happened with me today. I felt lonely as hell, amazingly let down , jus numbed by the unfairness of it all.
But don’t lose hope. God will intervene. As he did for me. He’ll send u ur guardian nagel. He may be in a different form always. He may not be the one u expect him to be.he may not be there forever. But he’ll be there.
Believe me, somebody will be there , to hold ur hand, to put hishand on ur head , to wipe those tears and tell u everything will be fine and put that smile right back on.
Sounds like a lot of crap..but belive me..its true.
Thank u, my angel!


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