Friday, July 08, 2005

how is stopped writing and started loving the blog

Well...there is a reson for everythin thr gotta b a reason for me sittin here n be typin away to glory.. of course its a fad to blog these days...u may habe beauty n u may have brains...but of u aint bolggin u aint rockin! But bein the rebel I am , i refused to blog! why blog? i said, when u have the good old diary...why , i said, expose ur feelings to the world, why, i said , take away the beauty of emotions experssed by handwriting?, why , i said,....well i guess i spoke a lot to myself n u i guess get the picture...
but then here i am tday...convinced tht i need to it wasnt the techy in me wakin up...nor was it the pleading n the unarguable arguements of one of the was the most simple n most compelling of diary got here i am chosing the bloggers way out coz keep me quiet u cant...a million ppl may read wat i write here ...but at least 2 ppl ( everybdy knws thm...but everybdy knws a diff them n their names start with M n D , u get the pic , i guess grin grin!!)..cant!!. now my diary bein smthin on the lines of holden caulfield...( tht guy was NOT insane, i adore tht guy...tht is a diff stry...comin soon righ here), its better not to gv ppl tell me, if u were writin a diary wd it read like a bhagvad gita...?? n mean a totally pvt diary...i mean doesnt everybdyhave thots u canttell everybdy...afraid they will look at u , shocked, shake their heads n say,,naah! ths isnt wat we thot she was!...she sucks!
wokay...tht explains it...but i'll be bk soon ,..with more..


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