Thursday, July 14, 2005

deliver us from evil

i opened up the day's paper to the news of the 7/7 bombers hvin been identified. today's hindu showed the birth certi of one of teh guys n thts wat first caught my eye. n it hit me so hard...that guy was younger than me!..not even 23...n then i read the news to find tht another one was 19. at an age when the most imp decisions seem to be what to wear n where to eat and which movie to see, these kids made such enormous decisions of their lives. its so hard to believe that someone who was playin cricket with his friends not 10 days ago would end up his life like a fanatic achieving nothing more than but the burden of the innocent dead and broken families on his soul. is it not jus possible that they dint even know wat they were doin? or they did it under some threat? i dont know why but this is what i feel. i still have a hope. not on legal grounds but on moral. a lil hope that this generation can rise above th eolder one. a li lhope that all will soon be well.


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